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Group Lessons are a good alternative to a private lesson program. With group lessons, you attend classes along with other members of our studio. Group classes typically have ten to twenty students in them.

Here are some of the reasons students choose a group lesson program:

1. The need to stay within a certain tuition budget.

2. When socialization with our members is more the goal over skill development.

3. Learning something new in a group setting is not intimidating.

The most effective group lesson program is our group lesson membership. With this program, you may learn all dance styles, attending as many lessons as you can weekly, for one low price, the equivalent cost of about 2 classes. Our group lesson membership includes classes at all dance levels, in most dance styles, workshops, choreographed performance classes, and lots more. If you are new to dance lessons we recommend starting with a one month trial.

You may also attend group classes as a walk-in, paying for each class you attend on that day.


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